Monday, July 6, 2015

In Good Company

I was honored this last week to find out that I was listed as one of the top 15 interior designers in Sacramento!  I am close with many of my colleagues listed and know they are worthy competition.  Many years of hard work and wonderful clients has made this possible and I truly appreciate it.  You can read the article here and vote for yours truly on the poll.

Many Thanks,

Rebecca Ward

Friday, April 17, 2015

Up and Coming Trends

It’s been a while since last posting on here, but I thought I would start out this blog talking about two new trends that I have been seeing. With spring in full bloom, many new styles and trends have been arising. I want to focus on two trends that have caught my eye which is the color blue and stripes. Many designers are using the color blue in many furniture pieces and accessories it’s perfect because blue goes with a variety of colors such as pink, green, coral, and grey. Blue is such a vibrant color that gives depth to a room and gives it a wow factor. 
A combination of the color blue can be made with the boldness of stripes. Stripes are also an up and coming trend in makes a room look bold. It also makes the person who is using such bold stripes in their homes look fearless in their design decisions. 

Stripes can be used in furniture, decorative pieces, or by painting the walls in stripes! Stripes can make a room not only look bold and beautiful but it can also make a seemingly small room look bigger! Stripes can make a space look modern and stylish just by even adding a few stripes to a wall or in furniture selections! Stripes make a space look fresh and vibrant!