Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flower Pots

I am slowly adding and improving to my home that my husband and I bought about 8 months ago.  Something about the cobblers children going barefoot?  My house's decor is not as much of a priority as my clients' so my projects take much longer to realize. 

Recently, I purchased some square, gray fiber pots to put on my front patio.  I love these pots from one of my vendors, Cyan Designs.  The square shape and gray color had my name all over them. 
I wanted something unique to help freshen up my uninteresting front patio.  There is nothing like flowers and some green to welcome your guests! 

The bonus is that I can see them through my office window.
I love seeing a bit of color whenever I glace away from my computer screen or take a coffee break. 

Have you been beautifying with flowers lately? Do tell!

Photos by Rebecca Ward

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's Hear From You

Sometimes it's nice to get a change of scenery.
Tea on table with ipad and notes
This morning I took my work to a local cafe called Temple, where I can get a good cup of tea and free wifi.  I overheard a glowing recommendation for the cafe from a table nearby.  One lady was telling her friends, " I have never had a bitter cup of coffee here. Ever!"  (My local readers and Sacramento coffee enthusiasts should go and find this out for themselves!)
Tea display and window seat at coffee shop

Some of my "work" consisted of my blogging class that I mentioned before.  One of our tasks is to try something new in our postings.  We were given a list of ten option for ideas and I found I am already doing many of them.  There were a few, though, that I ave yet to try.

So.... I thought I would survey my readers to get some feedback from you!  I promise this one is short and sweet.  I love hearing from you, some of my regular commenters, but I would also love to hear from those who are just stopping by!  All comments are private, for my eyes only, so be as free as you like in your answers.  I appreciate your opinions very much!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guest Post: Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I am thrilled to introduce Patti Johnson to you as my guest blogger today.
Patti and I got to know each other from the Twitter chat, "#IntDesignerChat", where I find all of her input so inspiring and fabulous that I am often retweeting her tweets during the chat. She is a wealth of knowledge about interior design, the industry and business of design.  She usually take the words right out of my mouth and says it even better than I could!  Patti is an Interior Designer in Ohio and owner of Patti Johnson Interiors.  Patti's motto is "Transforming Spaces Into Beautiful Places." With such a beautiful portfolio, I would say she is quite successful.  Be sure to look her up!

Here is her insight for today:

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Or, on the floor…

 Or, on the furniture

The fact is, there are many ways to decorate a space with mirrors, even if you can’t find the wall space.  Most of us know that having a mirror in the room reflects light and gives the illusion of a larger space, so obviously they are great in a small space. Hanging a mirror in a large space is great as well; just make sure the scale is correct for the room or consider hanging a collection of mirrors of different sizes and shapes for a focal point or wall of interest.  Keep in mind what the mirror is reflecting and of course keep it clean.
Mirrors can be a great solution for wall “art” when you cannot find the appropriate piece of art large enough.  I love mirrors of a creative shape, don’t you?

Mirrors can act as a conversation piece…Something that tells a little bit about your personality and the direction of the décor …

Over all, they come in all shapes, sizes and finishes and can look great on top of a mantel, just leaning against the wall.  Guests will appreciate a mirror in your foyer or nearby for that convenient grooming check point. Below, the mirror over the mantel is partially hidden by items staged to create a beautiful vignette, with just a hint of the mirror visible!

Springtime is an excellent time to let your home shine and what better way to do it than by reflecting your personal style with mirrors? Mirror, Mirror on the wall? You be the judge!

Pictures of mirrors courtesy of

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rocky Mountain Hardware

My local rep for Rocky Mountain Hardware did a presentation recently that I went to, hoping to learn a little more about this hardware company that I remember being fairly rustic.  Since they fit into that niche and I don't do a lot of rustic projects, they have been shoved to the back of my arsenal of hardware.  However, I found out that they have moved beyond that!

They have some great styles of bronze hardware and are so accomodating of creating custom pieces.  A couple of well-known designers have worked on some lines for them, like the Roger Thomas Collection.  This very french looking line is featured in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.
Photo via Rocky Mountain Hardware

The Ted Boerner Collection has a much more "zen" feel to it.  I love this geometric pull.
Photo via Rocky Mountain Hardware

I am currently trying to see if we can modify this door pull for a cabinet pull for one of my clients.
Photo via Rocky Mountain Hardware
This unique piece is wrapped in leather and they say it is remarkably durable.  They have an exterior restaurant door in Idaho that has this pull and it hardly looks worn at all over the years - at least six - that it has been used by patrons and exposed to the elements.

I requested a sample of their bronze finishes of which they do have a variety.  Bronze does naturally patina some.  Also, the areas that often get touched and oils from hands get transfered, end up being brighter and have a "worn" look, which some people love and others hate.  What do you think? Are you a bronze person or do you want your hardware to look as pristine as the day you put it in?

Do visit their site for more inspiration!

Photos by Rebecca Ward, U.N.O.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inspiring Blooms

While I was making a purchase in Z Gallerie the other day, I couldn't help but notice these fabulous grey flowers.  Very artsy, I think.
I have always liked most of the faux flowers, branches and grasses that Z Gallerie carries.

It made me think about those people I have heard say "never faux" and I can't say I'm one of them.  I love real and preserved plants but they can be hard to maintain, or find the variety you want, and are much more of an investment.  With faux florals, I don't feel bad if I have to switch them out with the seasons or is they look "tired".  They definitely help make a statement and greenery is a vital component to accessorizing.

What's your opinion?  Faux? or No!

Images from Z Gallerie