Friday, March 4, 2011

Round Mirrors - Classy, Distinctive and Fun

Today I am happy to feature another guest spot from Arcadian Home Decor about using round mirrors:

Decorating with mirrors can be a fun experience simply because it creates more light and space in a room. Round mirrors are strong statement pieces that last long and can easily be moved from one room to another.
A round mirror, unlike the oval and rectangular counterparts, is perfectly circular in shape.  The wonderful thing about them is that they come in a variety of sizes and can be used in so many different ways. The ‘look and feel’ of the mirror will add to any decorating theme you have in hand.
Sunburst Mirrors
Sunburst mirrors, for example, are round mirrors surrounded by beautiful sunburst designs. These make great accents for apartments or homes going for the vintage look. If the frame is made of bronze or iron, consider placing these mirrors in a garden or deck setting. It would make a lovely addition to carefully tended flowers or garden landscapes. A round mirror can give a smaller, more intimate view of a room even when it is large because of its shape. This should be a consideration when using them to enhance room space. The convex properties give an illusion of length as opposed to width.
Round Mirrors 2
Round wall mirrors have the additional flexibility of either being directly hung onto a wall or mounted jutting out of a wall. This makes them perfect shaving or make up mirrors in bathrooms because they will not take up space on your dresser drawer.

Try contrasting decorative round wall mirrors with other mirror shapes in sitting or living rooms as an accent piece. Stairwells in particular look lovely. Think pretty or classic frames, mosaic or wood. Be adventurous and go for frameless mirrors. In any case, they will definitely liven up a dull or dark area of your home. Smaller round mirrors are perfect for this type of use.
Round Mirrors
If you like to go big and bold, splashy round mirrors for walls with eye catching frames will do as much for a room as a piece of good art. Kitchens are often ignored when it comes to mirror decorating but placing a large round mirror near a marble or wooden island, skylight or pot and pan display may just be that something new you are looking for.  Use it as a way to showcase your collection of herbs and spices. If you love to cook, it will help you look for that sage or rosemary that somehow always ends up at the back of the spice rack.
Round Mirror Vanity
Reassess your home and try looking at it with new eyes. Take all the furniture out of the room you want to redecorate and put the round wall mirror in first. Be fearless and move it around for the best effect!

A round mirror can also be a classy gift for a wedding or a birthday. If you have cash to burn, this can be a great heirloom for your future daughter in law, as well as a great piece of furniture. Sterling silver round mirrors are great gifts for romantically inclined young women. Add a vanity mirror and silver brush to the kit and you have given her something to treasure for her whole life.

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Thank you Arcadian Home Decor! I am loving that third photo!  The mirrors look whimsical, like bubbles.  Round mirrors are so unique; I definitely need to bring them into more of my designs.

Have a great weekend!

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