Friday, December 12, 2008

House, M.D.

One problen with being an interior designer is to be aware of and critique design wherever you go and whatever you do.

A secondary amusement of mine while watching a show or movie, is to observe the set design. I usually don't realize I'm doing it until I come across something that starts to distract me and I miss parts of critical dialog.

One of my favorite shows, House, M.D., take place in the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I would like to nod to the set designer Danielle Berman, SDSA for creating a fabulous looking state of the art hospital. The warm wood paneling, expansive glass windows, interior glass walls and sophisticated colors makes me wish I could walk the halls and beautiful lobby. No cramped hallways of VCT, teal rubber cove base and peach vinyl wallcovering. A hospital of that caliber would require many benefactors to give the designers such a luxurious budget to work with. At any rate, I will continue to enjoy it in each episode. For more images, see the official website for the show.


AEGtranslations said...

I've always noticed the set on this show as well. Don't you wish every hospital looked like this? Of course, I suppose that if they did it wouldn't do anything to help health care costs in this country...

Anonymous said...

I could write an entire blog on this subject as well. I've always looked to TV and movie sets to help me identify the looks that I like to build my own home. The thing I mostly like to observe are interesting stair cases. Some of my favorite sets would have to be the Mary Poppins house, the Charmed house, the hotel on Angel, and Richard and Emily's house on Gilmore Girls.

I'm always amused by how many "average suburban" homes on sitcoms have the exact same basic layout (think about the Cosby's house and the Barone's-2 different generations, same basic layout). Speaking of, I love the Barone's living room with the head height chair rail, solid paint above, wall paper below and all the rich wood on the archways, but that kitchen always drove me NUTS!! It was so busy looking with the wall paper AND those curtains. When Ray burned it down I thought they'd take the chance to redecorate, but no such luck. Ug!


Rebecca Ward Design said...

Thanks Beth! I totally agree about the Barone's kitchen and thought the same thing when the curtains were up in flames.

Broad said...

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