Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun Fishy Things

I love koi fish designs on clothing, wallpaper, in paintings, anything!

When I saw this Derwent collection from Osborne and Little wallcoverings I instantly loved it. They have some other fun colorways in this pattern.

They also feature this Aquarium pattern from the Nina Campbell collection. It's a little less sophisticated and a little more whimsical. I love the way they featured it on one wall in the photo below. It would be fun in a laundry room.

You really should check out their other wallcoverings. I just have to share with you these other patterns I fell in love with!

To finish on the Fishy note, I thought it appropriate to share these koi fish galoshes from Chooka on this rainy day. My friend owns a pair and I'm jealous!

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Adrienne @ Susan Palmer Designs said...

Those wall coverings are great! Thanks for the tip about Osbourne & Little ... off to root around their website now!

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