Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Design, Minimal Space

Today we have a guest post from Arcadian Lighting on how to design for smaller spaces and get the most out of them:

Minimal space doesn't mean you have to skimp on design. Design is so important for small spaces where every element down to the light fixtures must be perfect in order not to waste precious space. Small bedrooms, studio apartments, powder rooms, and galley kitchens all benefit from big design ideas. Even small outdoor spaces can be transformed with expansive interior design ideas. A well designed small space can feel larger than its actual square footage.

Here are some ideas for using big design ideas in minimal spaces:
Interior Decorating Guide (via)
This outdoor room is small in space but large on design. Picking a theme, Moroccan in this case, can give the room a cohesive feeling. Lanterns, natural materials and accents complete the space.
Design Concepts/Interiors (via)
For a small bedroom, minimal furniture pieces make the space feel larger. Draped fabric on the wall or colorful curtains and accents add elegance and drama.
Marie Burgos Design (via)
A tiny bedroom benefits from tons of built in storage, under the bed, on the walls and concealed by closet doors. Love the drawers under the bed.
Material Girls Blog (via)
We often neglect to design our laundry rooms. Crisp white built-ins (with even a flat screen TV), bright floral wallpaper and interesting lighting fixtures make us almost want to do laundry. Almost.
Porter House Designs (via)
A small entry benefits from strong patterns and bold color. Small spaces are a great place to use bold color or patterns like the chain link pattern on the carpet, table lamps and framed art, with deep green walls.
Apartment Therapy (via)
Powder rooms can be the jewel boxes of big design elements. Traditional wallpaper and dark colors add elegance to this small bathroom. The complete the entire look, make sure to add bathroom lights to liven it up.
Apartment Therapy (via)
Furniture designed for small spaces, like the MisoSoup Design's K Workstation, is big on design. It has to be to fit multiple functions into a small footprint.
Furniture for Small Spaces (via)
Terence Conran's How to Live in Small Spaces is a fantastic resource for design ideas for minimal spaces.
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Thank you Arcadian Lighting!

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