Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Forever Green

I love it when just the thing I'm looking for lands in my inbox.  This happened a few weeks ago for one of my projects.  I  think I will be using for many of my future clients.  The company is Forever Green Art, which offers preserved plants as a great alternative to silk or other "faux" plant options.
My current project is needing a large topiary and my client really disliked the "fakeness" of ones she had seen.  This triple ball comes in a variety of heights (we chose the 50") and a variety of urns and pots are also available.

The topiaries from Forever Green Art are actual junipers that have been grown and shaped to the desired look and then preserved.  They can last 7+ years and are a great alternative for homeowners who want real plants but don't quite have green thumbs.

Besides topiaries, Forever Green Art's products include Palms, Bonsai, Eucalyptus, moss and floral arrangements.

Such a great find!

Images by Forever Green Art 

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