Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni Madness

Have you succumbed to the Missoni Madness?  Missoni has come out with a limited line of items for Target.  It has been madness in some cities!  I've heard stories of people lining up outside the store to get first pick of the stock.  Most stores have completely sold out of items in just the few days it has been available.  

I was a little to the game when I finally thought I could do with a few Missoni home items myself.  Honestly, I felt it was a requirement as a designer!  The first two Targets I went to were completely wiped out in the homegoods area.  Clothes seemed to be the only items still available, although tempting, I was able to resist.  The third Target I went to had a few melamine plate and bowls left, which was all I really wanted.  I love having choices of plates and bowls when setting out fun dishes at parties. 

I also picked up two bowls with a little color:

I took all of the black and white they had left, since this goes best with my decor.  I love the plums and greens and other items but unfortunately (or my husband might think "fortunately") they do not work with my colors. It's so hard to pass up some wonderful designer items at such a great price!

I was tempted by these boots: 
So cute!  Might have to reconsider these.... while they are still available!

What is Missoni you ask?  Go here for more information on this italian fashion house which has been setting trends since the 50's.

Images via Rebecca Ward and Target


Mindy said...

I was at Target Tuesday and couldn't believe it when the gal in front of me spent $850 on all Missoni stuff and the gal before her spent $980! It was ridiculous and like your hubby, I am not a fan of the design. Although I will say the b/w isn't too bad.

Lori C said...

I finally went to Target yesterday and there was pretty much nothing left! A few clothes and boots for girls, and misc wall tiles. I talked to my cashier and she said it was totally crazy on Tuesday. People spending $1000-$1200 on it! Sheesh!