Monday, March 19, 2012

How To Design The Perfect Bathroom

Today we have a guest post from the London interior design company called Evitavonni.  They have imparted some great wisdom on designing the perfect bathroom:

A bathroom is a great place to relax and wash away all your stress after a long day at work. However, designing the perfect bathroom is not always straightforward and there are many different factors to consider when planning your bathroom design.

There are many bathroom design ideas and it all depends on you and the type of design you prefer. Are you in favour of a bold and elegant bathroom design or do you prefer calm and minimalistic? 
The key element to a prefect bathroom is to have a focus point. Too many wow factors can just be distracting.  If you have a reasonably sized bathroom and love candle light baths, investing in a large deep bath might be a great idea.  Taps in the middle of the bath can create that much craved for SPA feeling.  Using skylights in bathrooms will give more light and a feeling of space to your bathroom.  A big fog free mirror, under floor heating or beautifully patterned floor tiles can also create a big impact.
via evitavonni
Your bathroom needs to be a space where you can relax and feel comfortable, so make sure to incorporate all the things that you like and don’t blindly follow trends.  It will be your sanctuary of relaxation after a hard day’s work or one of those mornings when you wake up feeling terrible. So it very important to have all the elements in the bathroom that you believe will calm you down.
Playing around with textures and colours can give your bathroom a great character. Use the block colour scheme and mix match and gloss finishes for stunning effects. Monochrome is a strong theme at the moment.

For those who don’t have a very big bathroom, clever space management will be particularly important. In such cases maintaining minimalism is a good idea, as this will make your bathroom look bigger. 

Via evitavonni
It might be worth investing in a shower with a large shower head for really good pressure which is almost like a massage. It is sure to take all the stress away from your body. Walk in showers are rally handy and they suggest more space. They are plenty of options available and you can choose form a range of controls and the size of the showerhead. A tailor made shower can add the touch of perfection to your bathroom and add that little extra to your bathing experience.

If you wish to obtain more information about bathroom design and how to create the perfect bathroom for your home, you might want to look for expert advice from luxury interior design consultants.  You may also wish to consult interior designers online for professional and specialist guidance.
Your perfect bathroom must have a character to it and it should be all about you. So get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment.  
Thank you Evitavonni for sharing this expert advice!

Images by Rebecca Ward or evitavonni, as noted


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Thanks for the great tips. I will have to share this post with my husband.

The Shade designers said...

Our company carries interior and exterior design... and We have to say that posts like this one are a great inspiration! Thanks ;)

Rose Smith said...

The secret to building your perfect designer bathroom lies in attention to details.

Irene maranto said...

awesome post!! thanks for sharing this wonderful story i love reading it, i learned a lot from this and it gives me a different perspective on the topic!
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Peter Kaiser said...

I completely share your opinion, great post! The only thing that don't like is the bathroom and especially the space around the bathtub. Candle lights are always a good idea, but not on a daily basis. For me, modern lighting on the floor is missing. It also looks a bit empty without additional items around the tub. It would have been perfect if the design was a minimalistic, but this black walls with decorations completely change the feeling and you have the feeling that something is missing.