Monday, April 13, 2009

Make it FLOR on the Floor

I think carpet tiles can be a great way to give a room versitility. They are easy to install and can be changed out at a whim if you decided to change colors with the seasons or get tired of a pattern or need to replace a soiled area.

FLOR offers a great selection of carpet tiles. I came across this one pattern that looks like it belongs in an anthropologie catalog photograph or in the store.
There are so many colors, textures to choose from you can never get bored.
Images from FLOR website


Guest said...

this is funny... jer and i were just wondering what the heck we were gonna do about our cheap condo carpet! i think this might be a really good option for us! just not sure about the stairs, any thoughts?

Design R said...

For the stairs, I would recommend either finding a similar wall to wall carpet, or at least one that looks good next to the tiles, or change material to something like hardwood with or without a runner down the center. The tiles just don't do stairs unfortunately.

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