Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting to Know AGA

A client recently told me they were considering purchasing an AGA stove for their victorian kitchen.  I knew what AGA stoves looked like but not much more.  So, I promptly went down to my local dealer and got some more details.
AGA stove are cast in one of the oldest foundries in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, which was established in 1709.  AGA seems like a great stove to get but it would take getting used to.  They offer what we would call "traditional" range with gas and electric cooktops.  But what really interested me were the the 4 oven cookers with the two plates on top. 
These can be warming plates, boiling plates or simmering plates and have insulated covers since they stay warm all the time.  There are no knobs or timers. 
Instead of doing most of your cooking on stove top, 80% is now done in the 4 ovens below which have radiant heat for the cast iron interior to ensure an consistent rate of cooking an all sides of what's inside, even a 25 lb. Turkey!

AGA now offers the full range of kitchen appliances so they all have the same look and color.  There are many color options available from Golden Yellow to Claret to Pistachio.  Find out more about AGA here.

Images from AGA


Sarah said...

Thanks for that information - I have always love AGA cookers and would love to own one someday...I lived in England and used to love all the great pictures of country houses with the AGA's...they keep a house warm too!! thanks!!

Rebecca Ward said...

You're welcome Sarah! It would be perfect for cold weather!