Wednesday, June 30, 2010

French Essence

One of my favorite blogs to read is French Essence.  This Australian living in England and the south of France captures beautifully the joys of living in these places.  Since I also lived for a time in the south of France, the descriptions of southern french living tug at my heart strings and conjure up memories of my fabulous time there.  I read today's post about the french supermarket and felt I just had to share this magnificent writing with you.  It is these kinds of passions that she expresses that I, as an interior designer, strive to evoke from my clients in the newly designed spaces I have made for them.  Please visit French Essence here!

Images from French Essence

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Sarah said...

I love Vicki and her blog...she was one of the first people to 'follow' me...I think she was my second follower...I love her writing and lifestyle - can't wait for the book!! :)