Saturday, July 31, 2010


The first leg of vacation my husband and I spent in hot, hot Palm Springs.  The best way to escape the heat was to duck in and out of stores, movie theaters and restaurants.  I must say the sunrise and sunsets in the desert paint the landscape in beautiful pinks and oranges, nearly making it worth the heat.  Another thing I was thankful for was that this desert heat was very dry.  Once out of direct sunlight, the air was considerably cooler.
Palm Springs does have a few things that caught my designer eye.  One of them is the restaurant Babe's which is a Bar-B-Que and Brewhouse.  We had been here before with friends a few years back on Christmas Eve so we knew what to order this time and let me tell you, our taste buds were in heaven!
To start we ordered barbecued chicken thighs that were oh-so-moist, served on a southwestern rice pilaf.  That, plus the enormous caesar salad we shared, made us glad we had decided to share the entree. We ordered the St. Louis ribs and short ribs combo which was served with two sides of our choice: sweet potato fries and half a baked yam covered in honey butter.  I'm hungry just remembering it all.
As I was enjoying the food, I observed the interiors around me which is southern (with a hint of New Orleans?)   and highly "pig" themed.  I wondered if they had to commission all the bronze cast pig's head lamp bases, wall plaques and statues.  Did I see poles spanning over open dining space that were meant to resemble a turnspit?
Enjoy the photos and if you are ever out that way, be sure to stop by Babe's!
Images by Rebecca Ward

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Mindy said...

Very cool looking place and my mouth is watering over your selections!