Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Go A Little Boho

I love the layered, eclectic look of the bohemian style.  One of a kind pieces and obvious influences from international cultures.  Often, the home of the world-traveler becomes a little boho after a while as they add to their collection souvenirs and relics from the many countries they visit.  Bohemian style is very exciting, vibrant and full of life and adventure.  It is quite trendy in interiors right now as well as in fashion.

Sherwin-Williams' Paint has a great article in their current issue of Stir Magazine about the hues and textures of the bohemian style.  One point they brought up that I agreed with was that with all the vibrant colors of the boho style, it's best to have a neutral background to show off your boho pieces.  For example paint the walls neutral and use tablecloths, pillows and other accessories to bring in the color and draw more attention to their uniqueness.  It is definitely worth the read for much more insight and description of the bohemian movement.  Take a look here.

So what about you?  Are you a boho?
Images from Stir

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AEGtranslations said...

I like this! Fun post! Hope you will share some examples in this vein as you find them!(Shocking to think that I would like something that incorporates many cultures, I know!:)

Not sure how I feel about the moniker "boho" though...