Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countertop Questions

There are so many choices out there when it comes to selecting countertops for a kitchen or bathroom.  Probably the most popular is granite.  In slab or tile granite is always a great look and available in such a variety of colors and patterns.

The designer and client can also consider other natural stones like marble, soapstone, limestone, travertine.  Let's not forget the manufactured stone and recycled countertops and concrete!  Of course there is also stainless steel,butcher block, wood tops and laminates, but I'm talking stone and stone-like products here.  There are so many quartz like materials out there.  Here are a few names that might come up: silestone, corian, zodiaq, caesarstone, paperstone, hanstone, fireslate and cambria.  I guess I should also put in cultured marble, but I'm not a huge fan.

So I want to hear from you! What are your favorite stones or materials to use on countertops?  Anything ever let you down, post install?  Anything knock your sock off?

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Lori said...

We installed silestone in our townhouse and loved it. It was cheaper than granite but just as nice and sturdy. Unfortunately for selling the house, people are looking for that magic word "granite". I don't know why people aren't as educated on the other products out there as granite can scratch while silestone can't.

Rebecca Ward said...

Amanda, I accidentally hit the delet buttin instead of publish for your comment but luckily it had been emailed to me so I will post it here:

I spec the Silestone or Caesarstone most often for qround quartz products, but recently I've been in love with soapstone for kitchens and concrete for baths. I love the un-oiled look of soapstone and the flexibility in color, shape and the use of integrated sinks that I have when I use concrete.

Thanks Amanda, I knew I could count on my kitchen designer to weigh in :)

Rebecca Ward said...

And apparently I'm having trouble tyoing today :) Thanks for the feedback Lori. That's interesting about buyers wanting the granite.