Friday, October 8, 2010

What's The Word?

As an interior designer, a variety of vendors snail mail and email me information for different products they want me to use for my clients.  One of many is Wall Words who specializes in wall graphics and word applications.  I am undecided on my opinion of using wall word applications.  I generally like them when I see them installed, especially in commercial settings.  It just doesn't come naturally to me to suggest to my client a "Live, Love, Laugh" application in their kitchen.  I do love a lot of the examples I see in the Wall Words catalog such as the floor to ceiling trees.  Here are a few examples:

What's your opinion?  Have you ever used wall applications like these?


Lori said...

I just blogged about this yesterday! I personally love the look if done appropriately. One of those things that there is a certain place for it and it'll look right. :-)

Mindy said...

I've actually been wanting to put some wall words up around our house too - just need to find the right words for the right price!

Anna said...

That is funny,you and Lori have identical blog postings about quotes.

AEGtranslations said...

I guess it's up to me to present the dissenting opinion.

I've never liked wall words - at least not in a residential setting. I usually feel like they are either cheesy or preachy and the ones that I like the best are the ones I don't notice much.

That said, I'm sure there's a place for the right wall words in the right commercial or business setting.

I feel like I should be on the other side of this issue - words being my livelihood and all - but I've just never felt that they belong on the wall.

Hey! That rhymes! :)

Rebekah said...

One of my sister's scrapbook friends has the machine for making those vinyl words. They have used them at their church for things like indicating where the restrooms are, and I like the way they've used them there. Also, they gave us for bridal shower/wedding gifts 2 signs with the lettering on them.
One says:
Kowalski est. 2009
that's in the entry (my sister has a similar one with their last name). And the other is:
I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Solomon 3:4
which is in our room.
I love them, but wouldn't want the words directly on the wall.