Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eye On The Target

I uploaded some photos from my phone to my computer and had forgotten that I had taken pictures of these awesome throw pillows that would keep catching my eye as I passed their aisle in Target.

They are from the DwellStudio for Target line.  I, of course, love the gray and yellow combo ;) I'm so predictable when it comes to gray.

Photos by Rebecca Ward


Sarah said...

I LOVE Target and LOVE the pillows!! especially the Indian-inspired black and red!! LOVE, thanks for sharing...I like your new pic! :))

Rebecca Ward said...

Thanks Sarah!

Chuzai Living said...

OMG, you made me drool! I LOVE the yellow and gray pillow case and yellow flower ones! I also love gray and I think gray with yellow is so pretty!! You're so lucky to have an access to Target stores. I guess, I can order online, but I miss going to Target to shop now we live overseas. It's one of my favorite stores besides IKEA. :)

Rebecca Ward said...

@chuzai It would be hard living without a Target! Happy drooling ;)