Monday, June 11, 2012

Rocky Mountain Hardware

My local rep for Rocky Mountain Hardware did a presentation recently that I went to, hoping to learn a little more about this hardware company that I remember being fairly rustic.  Since they fit into that niche and I don't do a lot of rustic projects, they have been shoved to the back of my arsenal of hardware.  However, I found out that they have moved beyond that!

They have some great styles of bronze hardware and are so accomodating of creating custom pieces.  A couple of well-known designers have worked on some lines for them, like the Roger Thomas Collection.  This very french looking line is featured in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.
Photo via Rocky Mountain Hardware

The Ted Boerner Collection has a much more "zen" feel to it.  I love this geometric pull.
Photo via Rocky Mountain Hardware

I am currently trying to see if we can modify this door pull for a cabinet pull for one of my clients.
Photo via Rocky Mountain Hardware
This unique piece is wrapped in leather and they say it is remarkably durable.  They have an exterior restaurant door in Idaho that has this pull and it hardly looks worn at all over the years - at least six - that it has been used by patrons and exposed to the elements.

I requested a sample of their bronze finishes of which they do have a variety.  Bronze does naturally patina some.  Also, the areas that often get touched and oils from hands get transfered, end up being brighter and have a "worn" look, which some people love and others hate.  What do you think? Are you a bronze person or do you want your hardware to look as pristine as the day you put it in?

Do visit their site for more inspiration!

Photos by Rebecca Ward, U.N.O.


Catherine Bedson said...

Hi Rebecca, nice hardware. I love in your description how you said

"Being creative for a living is such a joy that I want to share my passion with others".

I find that so inspiring and your blog is great. Nice to meet you from BYW 2. Catherine

sarah said...

Very interesting hardware! I especially like the first few shown. About the copper… hmm, I think I would prefer things look as they did on shopping day. My mother would say the opposite!