Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Perennial Past: Going Vintage

Today, I'm doing something that I rarely do and recommend an Etsy site to you. Etsy is full of "shops" featuring great handmade and vintage items.  I think vintage always plays a nice accent in every home.  It's that "something old" that usually sparks great conversations with guests.

My sister, among the other amazing things she is doing, has started an Etsy shop featuring many vintage clothing and household items she has collected over the years or finds in her daily travels.
 My sister's shop is called The Perennial Past.  I love taking a look at the things she sells.  I never know when I might find that perfect vintage item for a clients house or some clothing for myself!
 You should also stop by the accompanying blog where she describes the items she posts in detail, giving them some history.  Take a look and enjoy shopping her site and check back often to see what new vintage things she find.  Her shop link will be added soon to my advertisers so you can easily link to it from here.
 Images from The Perennial Past


Heather Spiva said...

I have tears! :) Thanks Bec. You're so kind to endorse me, but then, I guess we are sisters.

Sarah said...

Looks really interesting Rebecca, I will check out her store over the weekend when I have more time to browse! :))