Monday, March 7, 2011


One thing I can't get enough of are books in the subject of interior design and decorating.  Yesterday, I visited a bookstore to thumb through a few to see if they are, first of all, helpful for the current project I'm working on or a future project, and secondly, worth the hefty price tag on the back.  Design books are not cheap.  What I end up doing for most that I can wait a day or two to get is to take a picture of the cover and then order them off of Amazon.  I know it's not good for keeping my local store in business, but I also have to keep me in business by not breaking the bank!
Here are a few covers that I snapped with my phone yesterday:
Do you have any of these or others that you recommend? I will be linking these soon on my Amazon store if you want to easily find them there.


Reyna said...

OOH! I should snag some of these as well on Amazon. Thanks for the find, Rebecca!

We did a post back in February of our blog round up that you may take a look at. It has magazines and blogs that I truly love to read about...interior design :)


Reyna said...

Haha, I realized I forgot to tell give you the link to the post :P

Here it is:


Rebecca Ward said...

Thanks Reyna! I'll check it out!