Thursday, December 1, 2011

Design R's 3rd Blogiversary!

Can you believe it's been 3 years?!  Three wonderful years:)  I thought it best to commemorate this day with a visit to 3 of my top read blog posts, according to the statistics on my site:

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Color and Your Age
Claim Some Reclaimed Wood

I'm a little curious why these were the most read...  If you have a different favorite post that I've made, I would love to hear from you!

Looking forward to many more Blogiversaries to come!  A big shout out to all my faithful readers!


Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great idea to revisit your top posts...have a great weekend Rebecca! ;-))

Lise said...

I like anything before and after! Enjoying the new format too :) Congratulations on 3 years!!!