Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Going to Market?

 I won't be heading down to the winter market in Las Vegas next week since I know I have to go in the summer.  I am also planning to attend KBIS in Vegas in April.  However I took a look and the style file on their website just to see what trends are happening right now.  You can read the style file for yourself here to discover what is happening with the lively colors, bold damasks, subtle yet exotic hues and shining silver accents.

You can also check out some of the featured exhibitors here.  They have many inspiring photos such as these:
Linon Home Decor Products, Inc.
Star International Furniture

Asian Art Imports

Are any of my readers planning to attend Market next week?

Images from www.lasvegasmarket.com

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Sarah said...

I won't be attending but it looks great, I love the yellow of course and the green and the natural accents from Asia Art Imports. Have a great time and take photos when you do go!