Friday, January 7, 2011

Stepping It Up

 I made a great purchase today for my business.  I took advantage of some rebates going on and got the Canon T2i SLR to take photos with instead of my little Nikon coolpix.  The kit came with a 18-135 lens.  It will be great to have a decent camera for at least the before pictures of my clients' projects.  I plan to get professional pictures done for the "after" photos but this camera will at least keep me satisfied in the meantime.  It will also be a big benefit to you readers since I will also be using it for my blog photos.

I'm not saying that I'll never use my Nikon, (I used it to take the above photo and it is tiny and fits in my purse easily) but I desperately needed to improve the quality of my photos.  Looking forward to getting to know my new camera this weekend!  Happy Friday!

Photo by Rebecca Ward


Anne Elizabeth said...

Very cool! Have fun! (Maybe a nice dinner? Movies aren't the best way to get to know someone.)

Lisa Smiley said...

yay for you! a whole new world is opening up! have a ton of fun!!

2011 tapping world summit said...

I like you DSLR! You have such wonderful photos!