Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Little Luxury and Glamour

As you know, I'm always adding to the books in my design library.  I especially like these latest additions.  The first one is Glamour: Making it Modern put out by Metropolitan Home.  I had been eying this one since it came out last year.  The interiors in this book are the epitome of what I love: modern but glamorized.  Just the cover itself sets me drooling.

The other book is The Luxury Bathroom.  Since I love working with hard surfaces usually the luxury bathroom or kitchen is where I can have the most fun with those surfaces.  I found many inspirational bathrooms in this book that I can definitely use to illustrate some designs to my clients.

You can find theses books available in my bookstore link if you're interested in adding these books to your own library, which I highly recommend!

Photos by Rebecca Ward

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