Thursday, August 5, 2010

Out Of This World

My recent trip to San Diego was a little more than vacation.  My husband and I were there attending Comic-Con for our first time, which is, as the city of San Diego so eloquently put it, the celebration of popular arts. 
This convention was unlike any other I have attended.  It was normal to be in costume, representing your favorite sci-fi or fantasy character or your own creation. 
Amidst the numerous panels of actors, tv and movie promotions, comic book vendors and video game promoters we managed to fins a place outside the convention center to eat. 
We pushed our way through the crowds of zombies dragging down the streets in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter to the Hard Rock Hotel where Syfy tv channel had leased a cafe space, renovating inside and out to resemble the Cafe Diem from their show Eureka
We got a prime seat outside where we could people watch to our hearts content as we ordered more food than we could eat.  It was quite the entertaining crowd and as the sun went down, the usual Saturday nightlife showed up looking oddly out of place in their hip clothes and normal hairstyles. 
We had so much fun at the convention, we may even go again, and this time I'll bring a better camera to capture all those kooky costumes and celebrities.

Images by Rebecca Ward


Mindy said...

Looks like a fascinating and fun trip! Is that Nathan Fillion just one over from Steven Spielberg in that last shot?

Rebecca Ward said...

That is Nathan Fillion in the center but no Steven Speilberg ;) It was the panel for the movie "Super"

Sarah said...

LOL! love the zombies!! looks like a fun time and is that Dwight from The Office in that last shot?? plus I love Sly and Bruce W...and San Diego is a great city! thanks for sharing!

Rebecca Ward said...

Yes, Sarah that's "Dwight" or Rainn Wilson, who was hilarious.