Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Modern Dose of Rugs

In doing research for a project, I was looking through the fun website, Modern Dose.  I have been here before and had forgotten about it.  Years ago when the firm I was working at needed an inexpensive zebra skin rug, we somehow found this site.  They may have been at the Las Vegas Market, I'm not sure.  At any rate,  I keep this website tabbed for the day when I can put the fake zebra skin rug in my own house.  This rug is actually a cow skin dyed to look like a zebra, which is good enough for me!
The zebra is not the only fun rug they offer.  Take a look at these others:
Can't you picture this fabulous round rug under a great looking round dining table? 
And you might as well browse the rest of their site while you're at it.  You won't be disappointed.

Images from Modern Dose

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Oh wonderful !! these rugs are fabulous and looks great!!